Workshops and Groups

Workshops and Groups

Workshops and Groups

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ASD Supports ASD Supports

Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS) is an innovative, evidence-based program designed for young adults with autism who want to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

A weekly social gathering of students who identify and neurodiverse socialize, establish connections and play board games to foster a sense of community and support amongst Seneca Polytechnic students. 

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Mindfulness Supports Mindfulness Supports

a 4-week, evidenced-based mindfulness curriculum geared for post-secondary students and emerging adults.  Like other mindfulness-based programing, Koru is known to enhance psychological well-being and significantly decrease stress and anxiety, which fundamentally contribute to academic success.   

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Transition SupportsTransition Supports

Seneca offers a transition program for new students with disabilities through a workshop called Ready...Set...Success! (RSS). RSS is a series of interactive group sessions designed to help students with disabilities or accessibility needs develop and refine successful learning skills and habits.  RSS takes place just before the start of the Fall and Winter terms each academic year.  Participants have the option to attend either in person at the Newnham campus or online via Microsoft Teams.  

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