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Posted in: General Frequently Asked Questions

How can I print on campus?

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  • How can I print on campus?

  • Answered

    To print at Seneca, funds need to be loaded onto your One Card. Reference the table below for printing pricing. Only Computing Commons computers or configured employee laptops can print to Computing Commons printers; you cannot send prints from personal devices.

    1. Ensure there are funds on your Seneca One Card.
    2. Login to one of the computing commons PC’s
    3. Download your document to the PC and open it.
    4. Press “Ctrl + P” to open the print dialogue screen.
    5. Select “B&W” for black and white print and “Colour” for full colour prints.

    Note: If the printers don’t immediately show up, it may take up-to 10m for the printers to discover.

    1. Retrieve your print from the printer by tapping your One Card on the reader.
    2. The default pin is: 1234
    3. Select “Release Print” option & check and print your selected jobs.
    Type Cost
    B&W $0.05 / page
    Colour $0.20 / page

    *Scanning to email remains free

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