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Nottingham Trent University: A Gateway to Learning and Discovery

Nottingham Trent University: A Gateway to Learning and Discovery

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Today, we're excited to share a captivating story from one of our students, Kennadi Fargnoli, who embarked on an unforgettable journey to the UK as part of our Global Student Learning and Engagement program. Join us as Kennadi takes us through her enriching experience at Nottingham Trent University, delving into the world of Serious & Organized Crime.

Who Am I?
I am Kennadi Fargnoli, a Seneca graduate from the Police Foundations and a current student in Crime Intelligence Analysis. My Global Student Learning opportunity was at Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, UK, for a course titled Serious & Organized Crime. This condensed course covered all aspects of trafficking, along with notorious organized crime gangs in ten specific countries, such as the Italian mafia, the Colombian cartels, and the Japanese Yakuza gang. This course acted as a credit towards my current program at Seneca.

School & Home

My comfort at NTU was unmatched, due partly to the new learning environment and the intriguing curriculum, but mostly due to the amazing professors I had. Elliot (left), Jordan (middle), and Neil (right) are three gentlemen I will never forget, who truly made this experience everything it was meant to be. Their teaching styles were each unique and articulate in their own ways, always leaving excitement for the next day of class. Elliot taught the class about organized wildlife trafficking, Jordan about organized drug crime, and ex-Metropolitan Police Officer Neil about organized human trafficking. Hands down, these are three of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and this was the best learning experience I have ever had.

Friends & Family

During my time abroad, I met hundreds of people - from classmates to fellow global student learners, to citizens of Nottingham. Many of them were great company on this journey, most of whom will not be forgotten and will always be considered friends. However, there were a handful of people I met from this experience, from all around the world, who I will know for a lifetime; specifically, Hamd, Broghan, and Mansi. Of all the things they taught me, the most significant is that friendship knows no distance.

Amazing Food!

Beautiful Sights!

The Most Impactful Day

My most impactful day away was the 26th of July, also my birthday. I spent it with some amazing people, in an amazing country, and could not have asked for a better 20th birthday story. The friends I made there went out of their way to take me out for bowling, and even surprised me with cake and balloons back at Byron Residence. A birthday to remember, but even more so because of who I spent it with.

Kennadi’s journey at Nottingham Trent University is a testament to the transformative power of global education. Her experiences underscore the rich learning and personal growth that come with stepping into a new culture and academic environment. We hope Kennadi’s story inspires other students at Seneca Global Learning and Engagement to explore the world and embrace the opportunities that global learning and engagement offer. Stay tuned for more stories from our global adventurers!

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