Faculty-Led Program Abroad

Deadline: January 28, 2024 

FLPA to Belgium: Cross-Platform App Development

Interested in creating a mobile app with a cross-cultural team? In this Faculty-Led Program Abroad (FLPA) students enrolled in Honours Bachelor of Technology – Software Development (BSD) and Computer Programming & Analysis (CPA) have a unique opportunity to travel to Belgium in June 2024.

Students will gain academic credit by working with students from Belgium and Denmark to create mobile applications with React Native – an open-source software framework. Not only will students gain knowledge and skills in the analysis, design and implementation of cross-platform mobile applications, but will also gain cross-cultural competencies by working in an international team. This experience will help set you up for success in the future! 

The FLPA program is delivered in partnership with EPHEC and Business Academy Aarhus and is led by Seneca professors. Students must attend classes at Seneca before and after the trip.

Learn more details below and explore photos from past participants. The application deadline is January 28, 2024.

Program Details

Eligibility Requirements: 

    • Full-time students enrolled in BSD and CPA 
    • Have a minimum program GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing
    • Open to both domestic and international students

 To be considered for this opportunity, you must submit a complete application which includes:

 Program fee: $3,500 CAD approx. 

    • Included: round-trip airfare, accommodation, local travel, entry fees & site visits, guides & translators, most meals.
    • Not included: course tuition fee, applicable visa fees, meals outside of program itinerary, personal travel, souvenirs, vaccinations required, or otherwise.

Seneca provides up to $3,000 in funding to accepted students to offset the program fee.

Funding is awarded automatically upon application. No additional funding application is required. 

Location: Belgium


Itinerary: To be updated


Language of Instruction: English


Term: Summer 2024

    • Classes before and after the trip to Belgium will be held at Seneca.
    • Travel dates: June 23 - July 8, 2024

   Accommodations: Shared 

Course Credits

Upon successful completion of the FLPA, students will earn the following Seneca course credit:

Eligible Seneca Program Seneca Course Credit  Pre-requisite Course Requirements

Honours Bachelor of Technology – Software Development (BSD)

DPS530 - Cross-Platform App Development

BTP305 and BTI425

Computer Programming & Analysis (CPA)

WEB530 - Cross-Platform App Development

OOP345 and WEB422

The trip to Belgium takes place from approximately June - July 2024 for two weeks and is a required component of your course.


Application Deadline
Sunday, January 28, 2024

Acceptance Date
Friday, February 9, 2024

Pre-Departure Orientation
Approx. 2 months pre-trip

Return Debrief
Approx. 1 month post-trip

Student Experience

“This international encounter proved to be incredibly enriching, granting me valuable insights into the realm of mobile app development, enabling me to explore the frontiers of cutting-edge technologies, and fostering collaboration with peers hailing from diverse corners of the world. Through this immersive experience, my competencies in React Native have been significantly elevated, and I eagerly anticipate the application of these newfound skills in forthcoming projects.


Reflecting on the journey, one particular day stands out as profoundly impactful. Our professors, in addition to being knowledgeable educators, were exceptionally approachable, friendly, and down-to-earth. On this memorable day, we gathered, engaged in discussions, and shared in games, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. This experience significantly bolstered my comfort level in asking questions during class, knowing that I was not just a student but also a cared-for individual in a nurturing learning environment. ”

Maikel Mirzadegan, CPA student, participant of the FLPA in Summer 2023.

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Traveling students must adhere to all jurisdictional guidelines and/or regulations of their host country and host institution. All accepted students are responsible for ensuring they meet the entry and exit requirements of their destination country. This information is subject to change at any time.

Seneca relies on the Government of Canada’s (GOC) Travel Advice and Advisories and the associated risk level for each destination to assess whether students should engage in an overseas activity. While we make every effort to prepare students for a successful trip overseas, circumstances may arise that are beyond our control.

Students who accept to participate on a global learning opportunity must accept as a condition of participation the possibility that the program may be cancelled or terminated early due to concerns over the safety and security of students. If cancellation or termination occurs, we will refund any payments you have made and withdraw any disbursed grants. Participants may encounter additional and unexpected financial and academic implications. Seneca will work to mitigate negative implications to the best of its ability. 

International Students are required to meet with an immigration specialist to ensure their program of study and/or study permit will not be negatively impacted by travelling abroad. This must take place as soon as possible in the application process. Immigration specialists can be reached at theservicehub@senecacollege.ca

All students who do not hold a valid Canadian passport are advised to consult the Royal Danish Consulate General in Toronto to confirm their visa requirements.

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