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Students in Global Learning Fair 2023





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Step 1: Explore global learning abroad opportunities

There are four main types of global learning abroad opportunities:

  • Faculty-Led Program Abroad: Join a group of Seneca students for a two to four-week opportunity to explore the world and expand your learning beyond the classroom with the guidance of a Seneca faculty member.
  • Summer Abroad: A two to four-week summer school led by Seneca's partner institution abroad. Students can take a course abroad, earn academic credits for their Seneca program, and spend a summer exploring the world!
  • Semester Exchange: Study abroad for a semester at Seneca's partner institution, experience the culture and learn from the locals. Students will earn the credits for their Seneca program.
  • International Work Experience: Gain a competitive edge by completing work experience abroad.

International students must speak with an immigration specialist to ensure the opportunity does not impact their program of study and/or study permit. Please do this as soon as possible by contacting theservicehub@senecapolytechnic.ca

Step 2: Review the global learning opportunity details

Visit the opportunity individual webpage to learn about costs, accommodation options, eligibility requirements, the course(s) you will complete, application deadline, and more.

Step 3: Contact global learning and engagement if you have any questions

You are encouraged to attend an information session and/or book a 1-on-1 advising appointment with us.

Step 4: Connect with your Student Adviser

What to discuss with your student adviser:

How to contact your student adviser:

  1. Log in to The Service Hub Portal.
  2. Select the Student Advising tab.
  3. The Student Support Request form will open. Select the "academic planning" subject of your inquiry from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the details of your inquiry in the Details section.
  5. If you need to add any supporting documentation (for example: your learning agreement), click Upload Files.
  6. When you're finished, click Submit.

Step 5: Start your Outbound Student Mobility Application

You must sign in with your Seneca credentials. Learn how to complete your outbound application in the next tab.