Students in Global Learning Fair 2023



Students from Seneca and international partner institutions are invited to participate in our Global Summer Classroom 2024! 


Global Summer Classroom 2024 runs from July 14 to Aug. 3, 2024. Packed with field visits, meaningful discussion with industry experts, and extracurricular activities, you will have an unforgettable summer in Toronto!

Students can register in one of four upper-level Honours Bachelor degree course offerings. These include industry visits and guest lectures, as well as intercultural development opportunities.

A variety of extracurricular activities to expand your network, explore city and nearby attractions such as Toronto downtown tour, Toronto Islands, Canada's Wonderland amusement park, Niagara Falls, and more!


Ready to learn, explore and meet new friends in Toronto this summer? 

Join us for the Seneca Polytechnic Global Summer Classroom! 




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