Seneca Sandbox

The Sandbox is a digital media hub that helps expand your digital media creation skills. The Sandbox supports a variety of digital projects like videos, infographics, presentations, websites, ePitches and more. You can access our resources and supports in a variety of ways:

  • All About the Sandbox introductory webinars to learn more about what you can create in the Sandbox.
  • Tutorials that walk you through the creation process for different types of projects.
  • Online drop-in sessions provide the opportunity ask your digital media-related questions. Sessions are scheduled throughout the semester and can be found in our Sandbox drop-in calendar.
  • Studios where you can build, create digital media and explore technology. The Sandbox has equipment and software you can use to work on your projects, assignments, or teaching materials.
  • 3D Printers to print 3D designs into tangible objects. Although we prioritize academic bookings, you can use our 3D printers to print both your academic and personal projects.
  • One on one digital media appointments with Sandbox staff who can help you troubleshoot issues with your digital assignment.
  • General questions can be sent to 

Learn more and get started with the Sandbox