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Seneca’s Art Collection was established in 1970. Today, the collection consists of more than 500 contemporary Canadian works and includes examples of Canadian abstraction, figurative work, post-War modernist art, sculpture, photography and Indigenous artwork.

  • "Further up the Line" (Jacob Whibley, 2007)

    "Further up the Line" (Jacob Whibley, 2007)

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    Jacob Whibley is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and, until 2011, a member of the artist collective Team Macho. His art follows in the tradition of early 20th century modernism: the Bauhaus School (simplified forms and the unity of function and design) and Russian Constructivism. Admiring their texture and colour, Whibley works with pieces of vintage shipping forms and other office ephemera. Further up the Line is a play on words. The diagonal lines draw the eye upward through what otherwise are strong verticals and horizontals while the main diagonal line moves under and over the bits of paper creating the illusion of a space no thicker than a piece of paper.

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