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Seneca’s Art Collection was established in 1970. Today, the collection consists of more than 500 contemporary Canadian works and includes examples of Canadian abstraction, figurative work, post-War modernist art, sculpture, photography and Indigenous artwork.

  • "When the Fam Lose Faith, Hold Them Up" (Yemi, 2022)

    "When the Fam Lose Faith, Hold Them Up" (Yemi, 2022)

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    Yemi’s work examines the intersectionality of Black identity. Reflecting on Black cultural ideologies from pre-colonial, colonial, present-day and future timelines; across regions, religions, varying levels of income and political lines, Yemi examines the dichotomy of the richness of Black experiences with the imposed societal homogeneity of ‘Blackness’. He pulls from these varying elements to create Afro-futuristic portraits that embody themes of history, fantasy, speculative futures, and spirituality. "When the Fam Lose Faith, Hold Them Up" is physically located in the King Campus Library.

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