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Dining Services banner image of Newnham cafeteria

About Us

Seneca Dining Services is proud to deliver diverse dining options from vegetarian, halal, vegan and gluten-free menus to satisfy your palette. We offer simple, fresh and healthy cuisine that conveniently accommodates to your daily schedule and needs. You can enjoy different meals in more than 30 locations, alongside Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Subway.

Meal plans

Seneca Dining Services is pleased to present a variety of Campus Meal Plans that offer you the ease and convenience of purchasing your meals on campus. From casual to frequent diners, we offer value and savings that will satisfy your on-campus dining preferences. Note that meal plans will become available for sale in September 2022.

Seneca Soup Program

Seneca fights food insecurity with The Seneca Soup Program! We believe that everyone deserves a fresh, healthy meal. The Seneca soup program helps to ensure that all students who are in need and are enrolled in either a full- or part-time program, have access to a healthy meal on campus — free soup made fresh daily. Halal, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be offered daily. Students are required to sign up for the program but there is no cost to participate. For more information on how to sign up, visit the OneCard website for more details!

Seneca Soup Program FAQ

Who may access the Seneca Soup Program?

The Seneca Soup Program is available to all full- or part-time students.

How do I sign up for the Seneca Soup Program?

1.     Visit the OneCard account login page.

2.     Select “Employees\Students” and log in with your Seneca credentials

3.     Select “Meal Plan”

4.     Find ”Seneca Soup Program” and select the “Pay with OneCard” button.  Your card will not be charged.

5.     Visit a campus cafeteria at any time during regular hours of operations, order your soup and present your Seneca OneCard at the cash register.

How do I order soup from the Seneca Soup Program?

Visit a Seneca cafeteria located at the King, Markham, Newnham, and Seneca@York campuses during regular hours of operation. Order your soup. Present your Seneca OneCard to the cashier.

How often may I access the Seneca Soup Program?

Students may order one bowl of soup at a time and can visit a Seneca cafeteria anytime during regular hours of operation.

Do I need to disclose that I am enrolled in the Seneca Soup Program when I order soup at a Seneca cafeteria?

Students do not need to mention the Seneca Soup Program to the cashier. Students may present their Seneca OneCard and the soup order will be processed at no cost to the student.

Find food on campus

Looking or a place to eat on campus? Use our Seneca Navigation App to locate food options on campus. Available in on Google Play and the App Store.


Mobile, online, and kiosk ordering is now available at Seneca Dining Services! Introducing Seneca EATS, our new mobile, and online ordering platform. Seneca EATS is the quickest and most convenient way to eat at Seneca. Pre-order and customize your order meal on the go!

Skip the line by ordering online at orders.senecadining.ca. Online and mobile orders are available at Seneca Newnham, Seneca @ York, & Seneca King campuses.

To improve the speed of service, we are also launching kiosk ordering systems at the Seneca Newnhan campus. Accepted payments for online, mobile, and kiosk orders can be made through credit, OneCard funds, and Meal Plan funds.

IMPORTANT: To use your Onecard or meal plan dollars, be sure to register with your Seneca email and include your Onecard information on the payment page.

Bring Your Own Mug

At Willie T’s 3rd-floor building K, The Café (Newnham Campus Cafeteria), and Willie T’s Markham Campus,  we're always looking for ways to make your coffee experience delicious and Eco-friendly. That's why we're excited to introduce our "Bring Your Own Mug" initiative, and as a token of our appreciation for your commitment to sustainability, we're offering an exclusive 25¢ discount on your favorite coffee when you bring your own mug.
🌱 Why Bring Your Own Mug Matters 🌱
We believe in the power of small changes to make a big difference. By choosing to bring your own mug, you're helping us reduce single-use plastic waste and lessen our environmental footprint. Together, we can take a step towards a greener and cleaner future.
πŸ’š How It Works πŸ’š

1. Grab Your Mug: Whether it's your favorite travel tumbler, a quirky ceramic cup, or a trusty thermos, bring it along when you visit the above-mentioned locations.

2. Choose Your Brew: Explore our extensive menu and select your preferred coffee or beverage. We offer a wide range of options to satisfy every taste bud.

3. Show Your Mug: When you're ready to order, simply present your reusable mug to our friendly Baristas.

4. Enjoy the Savings: We'll apply a generous 25¢ discount to your order to thank you for supporting our Eco-friendly mission.

This Program is only applicable at selected locations. Please ask one of our Baristas at Tim Horton’s and Starbucks for a relevant program or reach out to us on our Instagram @senecadining.

Catering Services

Great news! We're happy to announce that Seneca Dining Service's Classic Fare Catering is now offering full service buffet options, effective January 2023! 

To place an order, visit our Catertrax website:

Seneca Catering - Toronto, ON (catertrax.com)

Need help placing an order? Contact our

Catering Manager

Jason Sabatini


  (647) 408-3227    437-312-0332

Catering Lead Hand

Agnieszka Gruszczynski 


Cashless Seneca

All of Seneca's services are accepting at least one form of cashless payment, which includes OneCard, debit card and/or credit card. Note: Payment methods may vary by service area and are subject to change.

Seneca OneCard

The OneCard is your official Seneca identification card.

Use it for Meal Plans, purchases on campus, parking plans, photocopying, printing and at Seneca libraries. Get one today.

Friendlier Containers

To help eliminate single-use packaging on campus, we’ve partnered with Friendlier to swap out some of the packaging used with recyclable and reusable food containers. Read about our waste sorting stations for more information
  • Friendlier re-usable containers are available at The Pond, Newnham’s Cafeteria
  • Friendlier containers and lids can be returned to a Friendlier sorting bin at:
King Campus
  • Connection Café, Garriock Hall
  • Cafeteria, Garriock Hall
  • Lobby, Residence
Markham Campus
  • Lobby, Main Level
  • Cafeteria, Garden Level
Newnham Campus
  • Outside Room A3513, Building A
  • Level 2, Building A
  • Room B4075, Building B
  • Vestibule leading to the bus stop at Level 2, Building C
  • Flint and Feather, Room D1025, Building D
  • Outside Room D2000, Building D
  • The Pond, Newnham’s Cafeteria, Building D
  • Employee lounge kitchens in level 4 and 5, Building K
  • Willy T’s, Room K3201, Building K
  • Newnham Campus Residence
Seneca@York Campus
  • Cafeteria, Stephan E. Quinlan Building
  • Outside Room 1037, Stephan E. Quinlan Building

Please empty all containers before disposing.