Students in Global Learning Fair 2023

Congratulations - You're Accepted!

Step 1: Accept Your Offer 

You must accept/reject the offer on MoveOn by the deadline mentioned in your Letter of Acceptance. By accepting the offer, you agree to:

    • Take part in all pre-departure activities 
    • Complete all pre-departure requirements on-time 
    • Meet all entry/exit requirements of destination country/countries 
    • Pay any fees including the non-refundable $500 (if applicable

Step 2: Post-Acceptance Meeting

The meeting will be approx. 1 - 2 weeks after the acceptance deadline. Topics include: 

    • First passport/visa discussions 
    • Going through the pre-departure steps & deadlines
    • Applying to host institution (if applicable

You will receive the meeting invitation in your MySeneca email. 

Mandatory Pre-departure Steps

No matter what type of global learning opportunity you participate in, ALL OUTBOUND TRAVELLERS must complete the following pre-departure steps one month prior to departure.

Step 1: Submit the MoveON Pre-Departure Form 

The MoveON Pre-Departure Form collects important information about you and your outbound opportunity. 

Reminder: As a student of Seneca, you must follow the Seneca College Student Code of Conduct at all times. Make sure you review the Code of Conduct and understand the expectations.  

Step 2: Complete the Pre-Departure Modules 

Work through the Online Pre-departure Modules to learn more about researching your destination, health & wellness, safety, identity & diversity, and academic & non-academic considerations.

These modules are asynchronous and take approx. 7 hours to complete. Please start as soon as possible after being accepted.

Step 3: Attend a Pre-Departure Orientation

Recommendation: Check your email regularly to ensure you receive the invitation. 

Global Mobility Coordinator will invite all participants to an in-person pre-departure orientation approximately 2 - 3 months before the departure date. You MUST attend one. 

We will cover important topics such as health & safety, travel risk, insurance, culture & identity, cultural adjustment and required documents. This is also an opportunity for you to meet other students who may travel with you or to a different destination.

Step 4: Purchase Travel/Medical Insurance 

Recommendation: Purchase after getting your airline ticket.

International students have travel coverage through Seneca International’s MorCare TripEase Plan. You may not need to buy additional coverage. Please check with us to confirm. 

Domestic students MUST buy Seneca's travel/medical insurance. See policy here.

Coverage is required from the day you leave Toronto to the day you return to Toronto. 

Step 5: Complete the International SOS Requirements 

Recommendation: Begin the International SOS pre-departure requirements immediately following your acceptance.

International SOS (iSOS) is Seneca's travel-risk partner. Through its various resources, iSOS will help you understand the health and security risks of your destination, and help keep you safe while abroad. 

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