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Students in Global Learning Fair 2023

International SOS

What is International SOS (iSOS)?

International SOS (iSOS) is Seneca's travel-risk partner. Through its various resources, iSOS will help you understand the health and security risks of your destination, and help keep you safe while abroad.

Prior to your departure, you must complete five steps related to iSOS outlined below.

  • These steps require you to create four different accounts.
  • For each account, you must use your Seneca credentials, and we recommend you use the same password.


No matter what type of global learning opportunity you participate in, ALL OUTBOUND TRAVELLERS must complete the steps listed below.  

+Step 1: Create an account for Seneca's International SOS Portal

Seneca's iSOS portal provides a wealth of health/medical, safety/security information related to your destination. You can also access personal wellness information anytime and anywhere through the portal. 

Using your Seneca credentials, create an account (Account #1) for Seneca's iSOS portal.

To complete your account, you will need Seneca's membership number, which you can find in your Online Pre-departure Modules.

Seneca's personalized tools and resources can be found under the 'My Organization' tab.

Screen grab of iSOS portal

+Step 2: Download the International SOS App

Once logged into Seneca's International SOS Portal (Step 1):

  • Click the 'My Organization' tab and click on "Download the App" found under Pre-departure Resources.
  • Download the International SOS assistance app. You can also download the app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and searching for International SOS.
  • You can log into the app using the same account (Account #1) you created to access the Portal. 

The iSOS app allows you to:

Screen grab of Internation SOS app


    • Manage your travel itinerary
    • Get instant access to the latest medical and security alerts for your current location or next destination.
    • Reach the closest International SOS Assistance Center for immediate help with one-click
    • Chat live with an Assistance Center representative
    • Easily access information related to your destination to help you prepare for your trip
    • Check-in to your destination with one-click


+Step 3: Register your travel on MyTrips

MyTrips keeps you and Seneca informed of any health, safety or security risks related to your travel.

Once logged into Seneca's International SOS Portal (Step 1):

  • Click on "MyTrips" found under Pre-departure Resources of the 'My Organization' tab.
  • Create a new account (Account #2) using your Seneca email.
  • Register the details of your trip.

This account is different than the account you created for the Portal.

Screen grab of Create New tripWithin 24 hours of registration, iSOS will send a "Pre-Trip Advisory" email, which includes important information about your destination.


+Step 4: Complete the International SOS E-Learning Modules

Screen grab of International SOS E-learning Modules

There are five E-Learning modules that you must complete. They are:

  • Coronavirus Awareness
  • Introduction to Membership
  • Student Travel – Your Security
  • Student Travel – Your Health & Well-being
  • Student Travel – Your Security as a Female 

To access these modules:

  • Click on "E-Learning Modules" found under Pre-departure Resources of the 'My Organization' tab.
  • Create an account (Account #3) using your Seneca email and log in.

+Step 5: Sign up for Health and Security Email Alerts 

Email alerts are specific to your travel destination. They provide you with real-time updates and information.

To sign up for e-mail alerts:

  • Log into Seneca's International SOS portal (Step 1).
  • Click on "Email Alerts" found under Pre-departure Resources of the 'My Organization' tab.
  • Create a new account (Account #4) using your Seneca email.

In An Emergency

In the event of an emergency, contact: 

1. International SOS 

International SOS provides necessary emergency services including:

  • Help you locate the most appropriate medical facility for you.
  • Confirm coverage with AIG Insurance Company of Canada and assures the hospital that you are covered.
  • Guarantee payment for hospitalization.
  • Arranges for admission to a hospital.
  • Provide translation services.
  • Contact you own doctor for recommendations, when required.
  • Contact your family and employer (in this case, Seneca), when required.
  • Arrange/co-ordinate for emergency medical evacuation.
  • Co-ordinate your return home if deemed medically necessary.

(Additional fees may apply)

2. Local police 

Be familiar with the local emergency contact number(s). 

3. Local Canadian Embassy or consulate

You can contact International SOS for help locating the Canadian embassy or consulate.

4. Seneca Campus Security 

For assistance with emergencies, Seneca students can call Campus Security assistance at 416.764.0911. Access is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.