Students in Global Learning Fair 2023

Attend Debrief Session

Attend a Debrief Session to unpack how the opportunity changed you. We'll talk about your personal, professional and educational goals in relation to the experience. And, we'll ask for some feedback about how to improve the opportunity, too! 

Faculty-led Program Abroad debrief: a group debrief will be scheduled for approximately 2-weeks after you return. You may also schedule an optional 1-on-1 appointment.

Semester Exchange & Summer Academic Program debrief: Schedule a 1-on-1 session approximately 2 weeks after you return.

Share Your Story

There are three great ways to contribute once you have returned:

  1. Mandatory Post-Opportunity Submission: The post-opportunity submission is your way to inspire other Seneca students to think about a global opportunity. We encourage you to share your experiences in a medium that best suits you. Share your favourite moments and some of the challenges. Submissions can be written, recorded video, or photo collages - you have creative control! Check out Tips for Post-Opportunity Submission to learn more!
  2. Complete our anonymous survey: The survey helps us improve our services to you. Please share what you liked, what was confusing and any suggestions with our team. The survey is anonymous so you can freely share your thoughts.
  3. Join our Global Learning Alumni: The Global Learning Alumni are key to expanding our reach in the Seneca community. Take your next step by volunteering with our team!


Contact Seneca Works

You've been on an amazing experience. Now, it's time to highlight your new knowledge and skills for employers. Book an appointment with a Career Development Coordinator to add them to your resume, cover letter and elevator pitch. 


For those who completed a Semester Exchange or Summer Academic Program 

Global Learning and Engagement receives an official transcript from your time abroad. Please check with us to confirm we received it. 

Keep the following in mind during the transfer credit process. 

  • The Office of the Registrar will receive both your transcript and Learning Agreement.  

  • Certificate, diploma and graduate certificate programs — a minimum grade of “C” (60 per cent) is required for a course to be considered a pass in most programs

  • Degree programs — a minimum grade of “C+” (65 per cent) is required for a course to be considered a pass in most programs  

  • If your grade is lower than a C or C+, you will not receive transfer credit. 

  • For accepted transfer courses, you will see "Transfer Credit" on your Student Home. 

  • Transfer Credits do not impact your GPA. 

  • It takes approximately 4 weeks to process them. 

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