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Students in Global Learning Fair 2023


1. How do I start?

Considering a global learning opportunity is a big decision, and Global Learning and Engagement is here to support you. GET STARTED HERE.

2. Why should I do a global learning opportunity while at Seneca?

Great question! There are countless reasons why. They include learning about a new culture, exploring academic/work environments outside of Canada, and gaining invaluable skills.  

The important point is to figure out why YOU want to go abroad. Answering that question may change which opportunity is best for you. Contact Global Learning and Engagement to learn which program(s) aligns with your academic, personal and professional goals.  

3. What types of global learning opportunities are available?  

Global Opportunity 

Semester Exchange 
Spend 1 semester (four to six months) at one of our international partner institutions. Transfer your courses abroad back to Seneca and continue your program. 
Faculty-Led Program Abroad 
Join Seneca faculty & students for 2-3 weeks abroad. Complete course/ program requirements during that time. 
Summer Academic Program 
Spend 2-6 weeks in the summer at one of our international partner institutions. You’ll take 1 or 2 courses and transfer them back to Seneca. Experiential Learning and co-curricular activities are part of the program. 
International Work Experience
Complete work experience abroad.

4. Where and when can I go internationally? 

We have opportunities around the world. Explore the opportunities to find where you can go with Seneca. When you can go depends on the type of global learning opportunity.  

5. Do I need to know a language other than English? 

No, this is not required. All courses through our global learning opportunities are in English. There may be an opportunity to learn another language during a opportunity. 

6. Will I get credit for participating in a global learning opportunity? 

Ensuring the you earn credits for the course(s) that you take abroad is an important part of preparing for your global opportunity. Global Learning and Engagement and your Academic Program Area will help you through the process of identifying courses abroad that will be eligible for credit transfer at Seneca. 

Visit the Credit Transfer Guide and use it as a starting point when thinking about which institution to attend and which courses to select. The credit transfer guide is meant to be used as a guideline and never a rule as credit transfer can vary for individual students based on their program of study, courses already completed at Seneca and program completion requirements. 

7. What are the eligibility requirements to participate?  

Students must have: 

  • have completed one full semester of study at Seneca prior to participation 

  • be currently enrolled as a full-time student at Seneca 

  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 

  • be in good standing in Seneca 

  • be 18 years of age or older 

 Some programs will have additional eligibility requirements. 

8. Are the global learning opportunities competitive? 

There are a limited number of seats for each opportunity. If you aren’t selected for your first choice, will we will try and find another one for you. 

9. I'm an international student - am I eligible to participate?

Of course! However, it’s important you talk with an immigration specialist before starting an application. They will make sure the global learning opportunity doesn’t impact your study and/or study permit. Contact an immigration specialist at theservicehub@senecacollege.ca

10. I want to go to a school that isn’t on the global learning opportunities list – can I?  

For now, we only let students join our vetted programs. 

11. How do I apply?

After choosing a global learning opportunity, follow the instructions to apply. We only accept application through our online application.  

12. When is the deadline to apply? 

Deadlines vary for each global learning opportunity. Application deadline for each type of opportunity: 

Semester Exchange (for fall)
March 15 
Semester Exchange (for winter)
April 30
Faculty-Led Program Abroad 
Determined by departure date
Summer Academic Program 
March 15 
International Work Experience 
Determined by your Academic Program Area.

13. What happens after I apply? 

Global Learning and Engagement will check your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted. Together with academic stakeholders, we will review your application. You will receive results no later than 4 weeks after the application deadline. 

14. Where will I stay during my opportunity?

This depends on the global learning opportunity.  

Semester Exchange
Summer Academic Programs 
Host-institutions support with student housing. They may recommend on-campus and/or off-campus options. 
Faculty-Led Program Abroad 
Global Learning and Engagement arranges the accommodations. Students often share a room with another student.  
International Work Experience 
Speak with your Field Placement Co-ordinator and/or Host Organization for details. 

15. How do I contact my student adviser?

To contact your student adviser to review your Outbound Learning Agreement form:

    • Log in to The Service Hub Portal
    • Select the Student Advising tab. 
    • The Student Support Request form will open.Select the "academic planning" subject of your inquiry from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter the details of your inquiry in the Details section.
    • If you need to add any supporting documentation (for example: your learning agreement), click Upload Files.
    • When you're finished, click Submit.